A spoonful of sugar… and beyond

The last time I was in the Magic Kingdom was the day before the official beginning of the Friends for Life conference. It was the first time I met Kim, Martin, Jess, Jacquie, Brian, C, and a bunch of other people with with diabetes. In that respect, it was a great day. Diabetes-wise, not as much fun. Heat, humidity, lots of walking, questionable food decisions, and there was more that one type of roller coaster going on that day. I’m not even going to mention the 30 or so minutes that Kim and I spent sitting on a bench trying not to revisit lunch.

Brian was in town this weekend so I made a return trip to the happiest place on earth. Thankfully our day in the park turned out significantly better. Other than a slight low from waiting too long for lunch, I stayed in range all day. I mean, my numbers were so good that I double-checked with the meter just to make sure it wasn’t an error.

I guess you really can do Disney with Diabetes (hat tip: Bennet).


  • Ah, the bench. The bench by Space Mountain – I remember it well. (And the EMT watching over us too!!) I’m glad this last trip went much better for you! 🙂

  • A) This makes me want to go to Friends for Life NOW. And 2) the picture of you two in front of … whatever that is … makes me want to hug your necks. Four months! Which reminds me, I should start looking at flights.

  • I was there last May, and yeah, the food choices stink. I had a heck of a time timing my (new and not-yet mastered) CGM and infusion sites with my scheduled-pool times so my bare stomach didn’t look like it was used for target-practice, but, alas, it comes with the territory. Glad you had fun!

  • I went to Disneyland on Sunday and my D behave pretty well too. Didn’t have that red velvet Mickey but i did have one of their amazing churros without requiring a bolus, all that walking i guess. We are going back tomorrow and I’m hoping the bg’s cooperate so I can get the cake pop. I went last year at this same time which was 1 month after my diagnosis, I survived, but it didn’t go as well as yesterday did. Glad you had a great time and your bg was good.

  • if we go back to a park this year, i hope my bgs play nicely like yours did. though i am NOT riding space mountain again.

    FOUR MONTHS!!!! but who’s counting… 😉

  • awesome pics, as usual! glad you had such a great time, i’m sure the fact that it wasn’t the middle of the summer helped a bit as well. we are so super stoked for FFL this year, wahoo!

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