Faith Friday: Patience

I’m not sure about the first time I heard it, but I think the phrase is some sort of Christian slang.

“Don’t pray for more patience because God will give you an opportunity to learn it.”

I’m pretty sure God doesn’t actually work that way, but due to recent events I am willing to reconsider my stance.

My insurance “recently” (I guess it happened in September but I didn’t have to deal with it until February) added CareCentrix to “provide health care plans and providers with a one-stop solution that coordinates all of a patient’s home health care needs including skilled nursing services, home infusion therapies and durable medical equipment.”

Their website talks about improved patient care and significant cost savings but so far all I’ve experienced is poor customer service and delay after delay. When I first heard about this addition, I headed to google. Not surprisingly, one of the first results was a several page thread of complaints about them on tudiabetes. What else can you expect from a company whose sole purpose is to act as a middleman?

I am still feeling ambivalent about my decision but I am in the middle of a pump company switch. Bennet basically outlined the reasons behind my decision in his post on Thursday. Unfortunately, after several unnecessary delays now my purchase is stuck in a delay of undetermined length.

Remember when “we” all laughed off the Animas warning about the time and date settings? I finally got insurance approval today to order my pump and I can’t. Animas has suspended pump sales until they can solve the leap year problem. Really? I promise to keep an extra eye on my pump in 2016!! My benefits year ends March 31st so let’s pray this is only a brief delay.

“The end of a matter is better than its beginning,
and patience is better than pride.
Do not be quickly provoked in your spirit,
for anger resides in the lap of fools.”
~ Ecclesiastes 7:8-9


  • Well my corollary to your patience bit is this: Never count amongst your blessing that you don’t have to give your kids shots.

    I did that once, about 10 years ago. I took stock and felt truly blest with a happy health growing family. I specifically was thankful about the health and that I didn’t have to give my kids shots because I am a spectacular wuss about needles.

    Connor was diagnosed a half year later.

    Lesson learned, don’t double do dare God.

    So now I am simply thankful to have friends who link my post and share my thoughts about an individual life styles being the driving force in choosing the insulin pump that best fits their lifestyle. (Oh and fewer needles is still better.)

    Love Ya / Mena It.

  • Are you serious? You can’t buy a pump because of February 29th, 2016?! Well, if your response in real life is like the tone in this blog entry, you’ve got all the patience you will ever need. If it were me, I’d be driving to West Chester, PA right now (I think that’s where Animas is based) with an extra supply of hostility in the back-seat ready to unload on them.

    • I get Animas’ situation. They have to aim their products at the “lowest possible denominator”. The user who doesn’t know which end is up and would not be able to figure out the dates/time issue. I just wish CareCentrix had not caused so many delays in the approval process or I would have had my pump before leap year! 🙂

  • This is utterly ridiculous if you ask me. That you are in limbo due to imbeciles who couldn’t figure out how to change the date on their pump. Good luck and hope the hold is off before March 31st.

  • Thanks for this today, Sara. So needed some patience, and your post came to mind several times throughout the day as I faced situations where I wanted to throw someone through a wall. But I didn’t. So, thanks! I’m telling you, though… if those insurance company people come near me…. heads wil roll.(wink)

  • All of my DME claims go through CareCentrix. They are okay, but PLEASE, PLEASE watch for differences between your actual DME cost, your EOB’s, and what they charge you. I’ve had to call them about my Dexcom sensors. I got a bill that was twice as high as it should have been for my co-pay and I looked into it. Come to find out, they billed my insurance twice what the sensors costs, and sent Dexcom what was owed and they kept the rest. They made a 100% profit. I can understand being the “middleman” that they would charge maybe 10-20% more, but not a full 100%. I fought it and won it. So just be on the look out and really READ your stuff. You really do need a LOT of patience dealing with them.

  • I am seriously smiling right now. Not at all because of your situation (that seriously sucks) but because of the whole “patience” thing. My friends and I often joke about praying for patience because of the line you mentioned at the top of this post. Truthfully, we often learn patience by being in a situation requiring it. Anyway, I sure hope Animas opens ordering back up before benefits. That’s crazy.

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