Thank you, Diabetes Research Institute

Last Saturday was the Walk with Walgreens Family Fun Day and Health Fair across South Florida benefiting the Diabetes Research Institute.

With a privilege of five locations to choose from, I headed about 45 minutes south with the opportunity to see some of my favorite diabetes advocates – Tom Karlya “The Diabetes Dad”, Ellen “Social Media Extraordinare”, and Crystal Bowersox “Our American Idol”.

Tom asked if it meant he would be on the blog. Yes – I guess it does. Although I can’t believe this would be the first time he’s been mentioned here.

Just like every other time I get in my car, I got lost on the way to the walk but I arrived just as Ellen was pulling in too so I guess we were just fashionably late.

After a walk around the park (thankful for all the volunteers distributing cold water) and conversations with the various vendors (collecting SWAG as I went), I settled in for the main event. With thanks to LifeScan for making it happen, we were treated to a concert by our favorite “diabetes idol” – Crystal Bowersox.

After a great concert, she stuck around for a meet-and-greet. It was a hot and sunny day in South Florida so it was nice of her to stick around with us. The picture of Crystal and I makes me laugh – we were talking Twitter at the time but I promise our matching stances were not on purpose!

I really appreciate one thing Crystal shared in between songs. She said that she has been living with diabetes for 21 years but has only recently developed a new perspective on her approach to diabetes. Other than insulin, she believes that attitude is the most important thing to living successfully with diabetes. I couldn’t agree more (insert joke about blog title)!

P.S. My only complaint was that I didn’t win the raffle for a 50″ flat screen TV. That $20 better cure diabetes!


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