Have diabetes will travel

When I hear that someone around my age is flying for the first time ever (happened last week), it always surprises me. My immediate family moved across the country from my extended family when I was about six years old so we were guaranteed travel adventures if we wanted to see the rest of the family.

Although I didn’t really enjoy sharing the back of the station wagon with my older brother on our shorter vacations, I have always enjoyed traveling.

The week before I was diagnosed with diabetes, I was planning a four hour road trip with some friends to celebrate my birthday in Vegas. Would I have to change my plans to accommodate this uninvited and unwanted addition to my life?

I realized quickly that I could continue my life of travel and adventure. It just might require a bit more planning, but I can still travel around the world to work and explore or drive across my state just to get some amazing chocolate.

I was honored to share my thoughts (and stories) of traveling with diabetes on the Accu-Chek Diabetes Link website today.

Check it out!


  • I love this post, because traveling isn’t something I’m very drawn towards with or without diabetes (I’m just a homebody, what can I say?). But my twin brother travels across the globe, and I often think, “Eeesh, with diabetes, that would just be sooooo challenging!”

    YOU on the other hand, are an awesome example of making diabetes fit with your life and learning how to adapt. When I was in DKA in high school due to a pump failure, I was supposed to go to Italy a week later and I was afraid my parents and docs wouldn’t let me go. I still went, met up with my best friend after traveling across the atlantic on my own and met her in Italy.

    I love that you travel all over with the ‘betes. Love it.

  • This is great, Sara. You’re an awesome example of someone who doesn’t let D limit or define your travel experiences. Absolutely love that. Thanks for sharing this about your guest-post. And the great photos!

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