Negative, normal, whatever

Remember all my worry about the confusing blood work I had last week?

Well, I finally got an answer so I can share a little more now.

As part of the lab work for the clinical trial I was entering, I was given a pregnancy test. I laughed and made a joke with the lab tech when she drew blood for that because there were about 400 reasons why I was not pregnant.

As I said, my A1c is what disqualified me from the study but…

The results of the pregnancy test were BORDERLINE.

Yes, borderline. I was borderline pregnant.

Except that I wasn’t.

I could not get in touch with a single doctor so I started googling. That was a mistake. The results could have been anything from a lab error, to hormone imbalances, to spilling protein, to cancer. To put it mildly, I worried about it all weekend.

On Monday, I heard from the doctor running the trial that HE was confused about the results. Even the lab report states that the reference range for the results is either positive or negative. How did I get a borderline result?

With no easy answer, they decided that the best option would be to redraw the labs.

On Tuesday I went back to the clinic and they repeated the blood draw. To help solve the mystery, the lab tech wanted to give me a urine (ew! sorry!) pregnancy test in the office. The research coordinator stopped her and told her that she couldn’t because it was not part of the research protocol. That meant I would not be any closer to an answer for the 2-3 days it would take for the new blood work to come back. Thankfully the minute the coordinator left the lab, the tech gave me the test anyway.

Let me tell you, it is a very odd experience taking a pregnacy test knowing that you are not actually pregnant. I did not have any hCG present. That meant that the results were leaning toward either a lab error or the really scary stuff.

Left a message with the clinic this morning to try to get my results and called again after lunch a few hours later.

Finally, the results I was looking for.

A week of worrying about the worst possible scenarios all for a stupid lab error.

So I’m normal, negative, or something like that.


  • Congratulations on not being pregnant?!?!? You know if you were or when you ever are Rose will have a fit as she looses belly space and well than the kid comes. She may try to smother your child. I fear I have taught her to well.

  • so glad to hear it was all a big silly lab error…that must have been such a strange feeling/experience to have to wait and see that you weren’t “borderline” pregnant. honestly. normal, negative, good, all of that. have a great weekend!!!

  • I’m glad you got that straightened out although I’m sorry you had to do some worrying first. That happened to me when I was called back to my endo’s office because of “abnormal” results from an EKG. It turned out to be user error on the part of the tech but talk about worry!

  • A few years ago, my regular eye doctor became concerned that I might have a touch of glaucoma. Before referring me to a specialist, however, she wanted me to get a brain scan (don’t remember what type), because one of the things that could explain what she was seeing was a -brain tumor-. I wasn’t really worried about that – various eye doctors had been rubbing their chins over my pressures for years – but I toddled off and lay in a tube for a while.

    A few days later, a copy of the report to my doctor was sent to me. The report said that the scan of my brain had found “nothing remarkable”. This has given me many chuckles over the years.

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