Ode to a lancing device

Last week in LA, I left something behind.
Didn’t know what to do, thought I’d lose my mind.
Hiding under the bed on the hotel room floor,
Sat the lancing device I’d do just about anything for.

I read about this tool years ago on the internet
Looking for an alternative to the blood sucking bayonet.
All lancing devices are not created the same,
Some are designed to poke while others just maim.

With lancets preloaded in the shape of a drum
It won’t cause me pain, or make my fingers feel numb.
Eleven depth setting are offered for skin of all type
Personalized comfort, one less reason to gripe.

The design of the drum reduces side-to-side motion
Which reduces skin tearing, a beautiful notion.
A beveled edge on the lancet cap lines up on my skin.
Testing with anything else, may as well use a pin.

I complained last week on Twitter about my poor finger.
The pain from other lancing devices was starting to linger.
A DM brought me quickly to customer support,
Where I found out my pain would soon be cut short.

Late Friday afternoon a package was delivered to my door.
Seeing the return address on the box, my heart started to soar.
I love my MultiClix, which by now everyone knows.
And with that this beautiful poem now comes to a close.

On a slightly more serious note, this morning I am headed to the research institute connected to my endocrinologist’s practice to complete the labs necessary to qualify for the Aspire study (low glucose suspend in an insulin pump). After fasting last night, I will be drinking a meal replacement drink in the lab and have blood drawn over a period of four two hours to check for my levels of pancreatic function and a few other things. I’m a little nervous but excited to see what will happen!


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