Wordless Wednesday – Lab Rat

*almost wordless

first set of labs
After reviewing my medical history and the 18 page informed consent, walked over to the lab for the first set of blood draws. After the draw, I had 5 minutes to drink 1 1/2 Boost meal replacement supplements.

waiting for results
I had to wait two hours for the second set of lab results. The waiting room was a little claustrophobic with other patients so I headed outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. Yes, this is right outside the door of my doctor’s office. Yes, I realize how lucky I am.

still in the lab
It wasn’t so much the food that I missed while fasting for the test, it was the Diet Pepsi. I have my first one around 9 am each morning (think of it as cold, bubbly coffee if that freaks you out). I was not allowed to have anything other than the Boost during the two hours either. You better believe I cracked open the Diet Pepsi I had with me the moment the band-aid was on – still sitting in the chair in the lab.

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