Wordless Wednesday: Officially broken

d365 - April 17, 2012 - day 108

There is some indication that people who have had diabetes for many years continue to produce some amount of their own insulin (actual journal article). According to my c-peptide results, mine is not a clinically significant amount. And I supposed further confirmation of Type 1 and not LADA?


  • That’s the same boat my mom is in – after she got her lab results done last summer as part of the half-century Joslin Medalist Study. Not enough to matter, they told her. One thing I found fascinating about that whole process through Joslin – not sure if it extends to other clinicals like yours – is that they don’t release that info to the doc, for fear that it might end up in the hands of an insurance company and used against the patient. For example, if you don’t make “enough” c-peptide then insurers may decide you don’t “deserve” specific coverage on supplies, medicine, etc. That’s my understanding. Be curious if that applies across the board.

  • I thought with LADA, it was only the onset that was different (being a slower onset) and you still end up in the same boat and no insulin production left in the end.

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