A few shots. Snapshots.

Today’s Diabetes Blog Week topic was inspired by the diabetes365 project. Well, I am actually attempting that project this year, so today seems like a perfect place to share my progress.

I have completed 138 days, which means there are only 227 days to go.

If you want to see the details of any of the pictures, you can find them all on this page.


  • Very nice – didn’t realize you had two cats and thought the short hair cat grew a new coat until I saw them together. Only saw 1 number above the 100’s (cool) then there was the ?? result on CGM – it shouldn’t feel bad I have those days where I don’t know what the hell is going on. You own a lot of different meters. I miss Disney. I like your unicorn on a stick – Bull Durham should incorporate a unicorn on a stick in his act.
    Thanks for sharing

  • I was so sad when it ended 🙁 great video, but I’m left frustrated because I want to know some of the back story on a few of the pictures…LOVE THEM!!

    • haha! What a problem to have! Well, if you REALLY want to know more, if you click on the diabetes365 page all the pictures are there and you can click on those to be linked to the Flickr page that tells the story.

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