Discuss diabetes and my mom

My mom was not the parent of a child with diabetes, but she is the parent of an adult with diabetes. I still remember being away at college and in the emergency room at 1 AM when I was diagnosed and trying to decide if I should call her and wake her up to let her know what was going on or if I should wait until morning (don’t worry, I called).

Today I have the honor of sharing stories about my mom and how diabetes became part of our family life on Sanofi’s Discuss Diabetes blog. It was fun to think through all of our family stories and recent adventures to narrow it down to the two stories featured in the article.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

After you read about my mom, be sure to check out posts from Kerri, Wendy, Jacquie, and Joanne too. So many amazing moms in the diabetes online community!


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