I made a match

Matchmaker, Matchmaker,
Make me a match,
Find me a find,
catch me a catch
Matchmaker, Matchmaker
Look through your book,
And make me a perfect match

photo by Elia Photography

It’s not often that something like this actually works!

I met B in late 2009 when she was a student in a program that I used to help supervise. We bonded over similar life experiences and she helped me as I prepared for my first trip to Haiti.

B is a Haitian sensation herself and her mom has diabetes, so she was the perfect person to make sure I could explain that I needed “sik” if there was an emergency during the trip.

Little did I know that I was soon to meet J. He joined the team headed to Haiti shortly after the news about the earthquake.

J is “fluent” in Creole and was an amazing addition to our team (we joked about his fluency because somehow he could translate long speeches down to only a word or two).

The more I got to know J and B, the more I knew that they would be perfect for each other. Now I just had to figure out how to make it happen.

Matchmakers in the movies are fun, but people don’t like real life matchmakers quite so much. I tried to play it cool (REALLY hard for me!) and slowly introduced them to each other. I told J that I had the perfect person that he needed to get to know, and I told B everything I knew about J. Then, I tried to stay out of it (again REALLY hard for me!) as I heard updates about when he texted her or when she agreed to go out with him.

Hard work and patience paid off and a couple of months later they finally officially became a couple.

J and I traveled together to Haiti with another group.

J and B continued dating.

B was my “plus one” when J was in the wedding of the two leaders of the original Haiti trip.

At the beginning of May, J told me he was ready to propose. A few weeks later, he told me to make sure Saturday was open on my calendar. Then he asked me if I was afraid of heights and refused to tell me anything else. It was not until late Friday night that J told me we would be riding in a helicopter and that he would be proposing while we were in the air. It was my job to capture it all on film.

An amazing evening! A beautiful couple! And they have MEΒ to thank for all of it!

Love you J and B!!

P.S. Obviously most of the pictures of THEIR engagement don’t have ME in them, but this is MY blog!

P.P.S. J is a former military man so it is extra special to be able to post this today.


  • the gleam in your eye in that one pic is AMAZINGLY AWESOME! congrats to them and you! my husband and i were similarly not really but kinda set up through mutual friends, only kinda, and today is our 20th anniversary! i wish that for J and B as well! πŸ˜€

  • Yay! I’m so glad to read this story. I saw all the photos on Facebook and thought it was the sweetest thing. I didn’t know you were the matchmaker though. Complete awesomeness! Seeing as how I’m also single… what can you do for me? πŸ˜‰

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