Insulin. Action.

Whatever happened to predictability?

(and now you are singing the Full House theme song)

I have a “math brain” and have used it to test EVERY setting related to my diabetes. It helps me feel confident about my carb counts, correction factors, basal rates, and every other bit of math we are required to do in living with diabetes.

Except none of it was working on Sunday. I woke up riding my high alarm and stayed there with a few corrections. Then I started eating and ended up riding the blood glucose roller coaster all day. I stayed up way too late on Saturday night, so I knew I needed to get to bed early on Sunday night to be functional at work yesterday. Of course, that didn’t happen.

About an hour before (my already too late) bedtime, I had a snack with a well-thought out matching bolus (that works every other night). Keeping with the theme of the day, as I headed to bed my blood sugar was low. I just wanted to go to sleep so I purposefully over treated the low. I knew I needed to take insulin so I wouldn’t hear the high alarm once I was finally in REM. What am I supposed to do when I know I need insulin, but I don’t need insulin NOW, and I just want to sleep?

The combo bolus.

It’s not just for high fat foods anymore! It gave my body enough time to come up from the low blood sugar but the insulin went into action in enough time to prevent the rebound high.

My six hours of sleep were uninterrupted by my diabetes. Now I just have to figure out a way to go to bed earlier so I can get more than six hours in!

I didn’t think to take any pictures during my Sunday blood glucose battle, but if I’m talking about insulin action time – guess when I took insulin this day?


  • I LOVE when I remember to use the combo bolus for this purpose! Good for you!! It’s so nice when a little tip comes along that makes life easier and better. I’ve also used the temp basal turned down to 0% to shut my pump off for a specific period of time, like when I have too much IOB but am riding a good 110mg/dl and need to go to bed. Yay for combo boluses!! 🙂

  • I’ve played that game before. Just three hours ago, as a matter of fact. I was 50-something going into lunch, so I started eating, then gave myself a square/extended bolus of 1 hour (because 1/2 hour didn’t seem like quite enough considering how slowly the Medtronic delivers insulin in a normal bolus). I’m now sporting a 187 according to my CGM… haven’t got the courage to pull out the meter right now… and dropping very s-l-o-w-l-y but with plenty of IOB. Next time, I’ll try the dual-wave/combo bolus.

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