Meeting The Bloggess – kittens not included

Waaayyy back in August 2011, I saw a link on Twitter to a blogger who had written a poem about getting diabetes from eating sugar (in response to an ill-advised pitch from a sugar company). Not quite the expected introduction to a blogger who is now on my must-read list. I’m comment #132 by the way.

Jenny Lawson, The Bloggess, recently published her book, Let’s Pretend This Never Happened (A Mostly True Memoir), and I was lucky enough to find out that she was doing a book signing in my area.

If you have a weird family, a chronic illness, or friends you met online, you need to buy this book. If you’re someone like me and fit into all three of those categories, you’ve probably already finished reading your copy.

The chapter she read at the signing was about psychopaths outside her bathroom, diarrhea, and troublesome cats (pg 201) but her story about the friends she has made through blogging (pg 169) made me want to call every diabetic I’ve met in person (the names with * on the right hand side of my blog – btw) to make them read the chapter too – it’s sooo us!

During the Q&A time, someone asked about how Jenny felt about being so open with her personal life, specifically her mental health battles. I think deciding how much to disclose is something that every blogger struggles with. As she described her experiences in writing about her life, I couldn’t help but think of the diabetes community and specifically the You Can Do This Project.

There is such power in knowing that you are not alone. Listen to how powerful community can be when you are struggling.

The actual book signing line was quite the experience. There were metal chickens big and small, personalized t-shirts, petrified and/or taxidermied (not a word) mammals and reptiles of various shapes and sizes, and other things I’m still not sure about.

For example, at first you see The Bloggess and me. But then you notice Copernicus, a gift from a reader that I believe is a brain in some fluid, a diet soda #likeyoudo, my pump poking out from the back of my pants, and a tiny kitten.

Yup. A kitten. Someone brought a kitten with them to the event and then left it on the book signing table while they did some shopping. Seriously.

Also, in case you missed the tweet, The Bloggess was kind enough to send a message to some too-far-away friends.

And in honor of how I was introduced to The Bloggess, I had her sign my copy of her book right next to her disclosure (last paragraph on the left).



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