Not Strangers – Friends I Haven’t Met Yet

I have been blogging for almost six years, and it is still a little strange to me that I have a community of friends who live not only all over the United States but all over the world.

It has been my great privilege to be able to meet many of the people of the diabetes online community in person. Any of the blog listed in the sidebar to the right that has a star next to it means that I have met the blogger in person. I don’t get the opportunity to travel too much for my job, but when I do, I am sure to see if I “know” anywhere near by.

Since I know most people who visit this page also visit Kim, Kerri, Jess, George, Scott, and Meri (for example), I thought I would share instead about some people who write about diabetes who I’ve met in person who you might not visit regularly. In no particular order –

  • Brian – read this blog if you don’t need appropriate capitalization, paragraphs, or links to references stories he mentions in his blog. You will be confused, you might laugh.
  • Molly and Dixie – Molly was part of my first ever diabetes meet-up. Dixie is her diabetes alert dog and they are an awesome pair. She needs to write more!
  • Jeff – Jeff wears the best diabetes themed t-shirts and posts some amazing photography on his blog. I think he also thinks he is some sort of triathlete.
  • Katie – I met Katie at George’s JDRF walk celebrating living 25 years with diabetes. Katie had lived less than a year with diabetes at that point and I cannot even imagine finding the knowledge and support of the diabetes online community so early in my life with diabetes. She is a rock star, and even Sam Talbot thinks so.
  • Betizuka – Bea may have a Cranky Pancreas but she has a sweet heart. In a bathroom conversation (yes, women really do that!) at a summit we both attended we had a great talk about people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes learning as much as we can about the other type so we can successfully advocate for each other – a lesson that has really stuck with me!

d365 - March 10, 2012 - day 70The Minnesota meetupJeff is cray crayIMG_4342

(The next time I see Bea, I need to correct the fact that we don’t have a picture together!)

Finding blogs and blog posts that other people in the diabetes community might not be reading but probably should is the whole reason behind the Best of the ‘Betes Blogs. I read a lot of blogs outside of the diabetes community as well and happened upon another community that was doing something similar.

Any time you see a great blog post – this week especially – that fits into one of the following categories:

Best Use of Humor
Best Vlog
Best Recipe
Best Use of Photography
Best Advocacy
Best Reference to a D-Celebrity
Best Story of a D Meet-up
Best non-D Related Post
Best Post by a Type 1
Best Post by a Type 2
Best Post by a Type Awesome
Best Post by a LADA/ Type 1.5/ Not otherwise specified
Best story of a D-mistake
Best Motivational Post
Best Diabetes Art

please send a link by e-mail or direct message to Best of the ‘Betes Blogs so we can continue to celebrate the best.

Send links to your favorite posts one at a time, send them as a group. Just be sure to send them!

Help us all extend the diabetes community wider so we can continue to support and encourage every member of our community.



  • Thanks so much for the shout-out, Sara! I can’t tell you how glad I am that I participated in George’s walk and met you and so many other awesome d-people so shortly after my diagnosis. I hope we get the chance to hang out again soon!

  • Guess what, Sara?? YOUR BLOG IS MY FIRST DIABETES BLOG WEEK COMMENT!!!!! I wanted to make sure of that, seeing as I screwed up my spreadsheet last year and marked down that I had left a comment when I hadn’t. 😉

    This is a terrific list of awesome DBloggers. And extra credit for having pictures with *almost* all of them.

  • You know I LOVe you SarA. In the past year, my writing has improved to fit more the specifications that you have tried to IMpose on my blogging lifestyle. Links and paraGraphs are now present. BUT capitAlization?? I do NOT thInk you ever mentioned that ABout me. Yes there be ROGue () sometimes… I STill LOve you though! More or LESs.

  • Sara,
    Thanks for the mention. I promise I’ll get back on the blogging bandwagon after school gets out in 14 DAYS!! I think it’s very cool that one of your first meet ups was also my first. 🙂

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