The past week or so I’ve been working on a big project. I originally started writing on the Blogger platform. I moved to WordPress when I decided to take my name and city (oops!) out of my URL. I wrote exclusively on WordPress for a while and then began to post on Diabetes Daily in 2009.

First I wrote mostly here still and a little there. Then mostly there. Then all there. Then a little more here. Then mostly here and only a little there. Then all here.

If that confused you, it confused me too!

This weekend, I imported all my old Diabetes Daily posts, sorted through 260 posts, and put them into categories. Some of my pictures didn’t load correctly and I am still working on fixing those. It made me realize how often I use pictures to tell my stories – I guess a good problem to have.

It was perfect timing because Cherise texted me last night to ask me where the pictures and videos were from our past meet-ups. Well, they are all now in the meet-ups category now! And the video she was looking for? It’s this one (from July 2009).

The other category I’m looking at right now? The doctors’ appointments. I’m headed for my quarterly endo appointment and I need to remember all the questions I’m supposed to ask.

The product review category is about to get a new post! I got a Fastclix in the mail!! I feel like I am cheating on my MultiClix boyfriend but I am excited to try it out!

Disclosure: I was sent the FastClix by Accu-Chek FastClix product launch team. I mean, when you write poetry about your previous lancing device…

But seriously, I was provided the lancing device and several replacement lancet drums for my personal review. I was not asked to write a post and all opinions expressed in this post (and future love poem inspired posts) are entirely my own.


  • We saw the fast clix in March. I personally didn’t think it was gonna even come close to the multiclix. It is more designed for those who con’t like all the steps. As per the rep at the table for roche.

  • transferring all that stuff is a HUGE undertaking, so congrats!

    that video is AMAZING. was that when michael passed? i can’t think of a better tribute. 🙂

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