The labels don’t balance

Eat carbohydrates. Take insulin.

I do a pretty good job of maintaining that balance. But that is not what today is about. Today writing prompt is about sharing an area that could use a little improvement.

I am tempted by the fact that the easiest way to know how much insulin to take is when the amount of carbohydrates and the serving size are printed right on the package. As a result, I do not take the effort to eat enough fruits and vegetables and my pant size is clearly showing the result. It’s not about clothing sizes, it’s about not being happy with the way I look.

At diagnosis, I was given a specific meal plan to balance with my awful insulin regime of NPH and Humalog. I ate the exact same thing every day so I remember it now eight years later.

  • Breakfast: two scrambled eggs with cheese on top, light bread with peanut butter, half a banana
  • Lunch: peanut butter and no-sugar added jelly sandwich, the other half of the banana, a handful of chips, and two no-sugar added cookies.
  • Dinner: baked chicken breast, baked potato, zucchini

It was boring (especially after a few months of the same meals) but it was balanced.

Once I started on my first insulin pump I began to gain what I like to think of as “pump weight” – it’s like baby weight but with no adorable child at the end. A few years ago, members of the diabetes online community organized a weight loss/A1c reduction challenge. Having that accountability and support was the perfect thing for my competitive side, and I was able to get back to a place I felt more comfortable.

Slowly but surely I have put that weight on plus a few more pounds.

For example, just this past weekend I was out of town for a wedding. Instead of doing six hours of driving in one day, I stayed over night in a hotel. I suppose I could have brought some food from home, stopped at a grocery store to pick up some fresh food, or eaten in the hotel restaurant, but the convenience store stop was just so much more convenient.

I need to get back to eating more fresh fruits and vegetables and less processed food so I can feel healthier and enjoy the beautiful south Florida summer that has already begun.

Can you tell with my memes the past two days that I really miss Hyperbole and a Half?


  • Me too. (As I decide to go wander the kitchen, in search of an apple or banana to go with my Greek yogurt.) Sending fruits and veggie vibes your way, Sara!!

  • I can soooo relate to this however it’s not just me that is suffering when we eat like this. One more thing I need to work on!! veggies & fruits…check!

  • call me kooky, but that nph diet doesn’t really sound all that balanced to me.

    good luck on making these improvements. the good news is, you’ve done it before, so you know it’s possible.

    ps, i miss allie brosh too!

    • I’m embarassed to say, but compared to what I typically eat now, that’s balanced. It at least included a fruit or veggie at every meal. I am not even close to that now.

      • nothing to be embarrassed about, i just meant that it didn’t sound like the ultimate most healthy meal ever, like something you’d find in chef sam talbot’s cookbook. basically i was saying, don’t feel so bad, but in such an awkward way as to render the comment useless. ;P

  • I can relate! I need to work on more fruits and veggies too. I’ve been bad about checking blood sugars and bolusing and am just now trying to get myself back on track and the packaged food is so much quicker in the carb counting, but way worse for you. I’ll be thinking of your post as I strive to do better!

  • A great reminder…my rule to myself that I have been trying to abide by is at least a fruit in the am and a veggie with the pm meals…then I get a minimum.

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