Waiting for… how to save a life

This weekend was the music festival that signals the beginning of summer around here. It is four days of an eclectic group of bands – everyone from Pitbull to Foreigner to Creed to Wiz Khalifa. Sunday included two bands I actually wanted to hear so I headed to the waterfront to enjoy the music and sunshine.


I’ll admit now the ice cream may have been a mistake. I didn’t bolus before I got the cone and then by the time that I did, the ice cream was melting ALL OVER my arm and dripping onto the street. I would have bailed on the whole thing if I hadn’t taken that time to bolus. I ended up having to buy a bottle of water just to clean myself up.

Fun fact: As a child, my parents would dress me up in my older brother’s clothes any time we went out for ice cream because I ended up wearing chocolate every time and my mom was tired of trying to get the stains out.

The Fray
Fireworks Finale

Between heading to The Bloggess’ book signing on Friday and the music festival Sunday, I didn’t get much done around my apartment – but I sure had fun!


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