Wordless Wednesday: Would you rather…?

(or wordless than most!)

Would you rather

give diabetes “the finger”


be “one less prick?”

The video above is from JDRF’s ad campaign from last November surrounding Type 1 day.

The picture is from AMC’s reality show The Pitch, profiling two ad agencies as they battle for a new client.

On Sunday, the client was JDRF. One agency created the character TOD (Type One Diabetes) (bad) and the slogan “be the voice of one” (not the worst I’ve heard – and the episode’s default-ish winner). The other agency attached to the idea of research reducing the amount of times we have to check our blood sugar and came up with the slogan of “one less prick.”

Call me a prude, but I think my mom would freak out if even “adult-me” used either of those phrases in her presence. 85% of people with Type 1 diabetes are adults (source), but I don’t think “the finger” or “pricks” are a good tag lines for an organization that still does the majority of fundraising through the faces of adorable children.

Visit the Be the voice of 1.

Edited to add: Thoughts from Scott McCormick, CMO for JDRF, on the episode can be found here.


  • Well, if children with diabetes eventually become adults with diabetes and their approach has been (initially) aimed for a younger audience then maybe this is just the rebellious teenage years before they finally “grow up” and have a more mature approach?

    (FD: I work for Big Red. This comment does not reflect official opinions of blah blah blah and such-n-such)

  • “On less prick” is a horrible slogan and it feels very demeaning to me! Is that what all this fundraising is all about??? One less time to test my blood sugar level????

    The idea about “Tod” was offensive to me also. It’s like personifying the disease would give us something to hate…or would it be every Type 1 diabetic to hate?? Confusing message! Not to mention both slogans say nothing about finding a “cure” or at least improved technology.

    Neither campain would make me want to donate to JDRF based upon the material they presented. I was not impressed at all! I agree with you, Sara, the adorable faces of the children with Type 1 diabetes would not mesh well with these slogans!!

  • yeah we were likewise confused, like, “one less prick” even though it’s meant to be edgy or whatever, doesn’t actually make any sense. testing your bg one less time a day? bzuh?

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