Fun for Life

Friends for Life? Sure there are conference sessions to attend, things to learn, and products to try out in the exhibit hall. But mixed in with all the learning, there is just A LOT of fun at the Friends for Life conference.

If you haven’t attended the conference before, click on any of the links above to connect to the Children with Diabetes website. You don’t HAVE to be a child with diabetes; I didn’t begin attending the conference until I was firmly in the adult category. If you have type 1 diabetes or love someone who does, this conference is for you.

Join me in saving our pennies for next year so we can have even more friends with diabetes…

… hang out at the pool…

… watch a celebrity chef make us a hot dish (and a mojito)…

… laugh with an ironman…

… goof off at a banquet…

… create amazing diabetes art with Lee Ann

… and most importantly, continue our traveling freak show.


  • Oh I will so be there next year – can’t promise Ill bring me kids though – wait did I say that out loud? Of course Ill bring my kids. Still so sad not going this year – but next year is at Coronado Springs and I love it – plus I get free soft drinks cus I still have our cups from FFL 2007 (all the diet coke I can drink!)
    Still deciding if I take a week off of twitter next week so I don’t get more sad – naaah – I will live vicariously through all my twitter friends (and secretly despise them) kidding.

  • Officially excited. My girls all gathered around to see the diabetes art…they’ve been asking why we were collecting our trash!!!!!

    I can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait. Wait. Yes. I can wait just a little. Because if I hurry it up, then it will be over sooner. Okay. I can’t wait, but I will wait, and I’m excited to wait, so it doesn’t end too fast.


    I’ll be watching you via my camera. Watch out!!!!! FIRST GRADERS UNITE!

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