I am not an expert

I am not an expert in maintaining an appropriate A1c. Now mine is really good and I can tell people how I personally achieve that number, but I can’t guarantee the same steps would produce the same results for them. My target is my target. I wouldn’t aim for the same goal as a growing child. Or if I didn’t have a primarily desk job. Or if I was chasing around little kids that I was responsible for each day.

I am not an expert in diabetes devices. I wear a “tubed” pump and a (currently) non-integrated CGM. I picked those devices specifically for my lifestyle. They work for me. I appreciate that other devices work best for the lifestyles of other people. I couldn’t even tell you the first thing about how to manage diabetes with insulin pens since I have never used one.

I am not an expert in CGM technology. I have been wearing a CGM every day since September 2010. I like having all that data. I like knowing what my blood sugar is doing before I begin a presentation. I understand how all that information could cause overload and burnout for some people with diabetes and I understand why they might want to take a break.

I am not an expert in bolusing for meals. I pre-bolus most days 20-25 minutes before breakfast because I end up over 250 everyday otherwise. I eat fast food whenever I feel like it. I have the dual wave and/or combo wave boluses mastered for my favorite foods. However when I was at In N Out with some friends with diabetes in March, I proved that my combo bolus is not “your” combo bolus. Half the group ended up too high after the meal and the other half was too low.

I am not an expert in blogging. As of today, I have been writing on this blog for six years and sixteen days. I have written 769 posts. There have been months when I wrote every day that month. There have been a few months when I didn’t write anything at all. I have much respect for people who can write every day. I am not sure I have that much to say.

I am also not an expert in blog topics. I have written about the daily challenges of living with diabetes and sometimes even how it affects my view of politics, religion, books, products, friends, cats, and everything in between. I don’t write about the FDA because I don’t understand it. I don’t write about being a child with diabetes or raising a child with diabetes because I have no idea about either of those topics. Everything I write is my own opinion. I speak for myself and no one else.

I am not an expert in Twitter. At some point today I tweeted my 18,100th tweet. That is roughly 2.5 million characters. I still have no idea what I am doing and I know I miss some great tweets every day.

I am not an expert in diabetes. I have a college degree. I graduated with high honors. Heck, I even have a master’s degree. Neither one of my degrees have anything to do with diabetes.

The title of this post is a lie. There is one thing in which I AM an expert. There is one thing I know more about than any other person.

I am an expert in my experience in living my life with diabetes.


  • You are brilliant, honest, and… what’s the word? Oh, yes: irreplaceable! Thanks for such an honest post, Sara. I think that’s one thing that makes this community so great – that we have so many views and people who know so much about different things, diabetes or not. That diversity of voice is powerful and it all hits at people who need it, whenever they might need it. You’re writing might touch someone in a way that mine doesn’t, and that’s exactly the way it should be. Thanks for what you do!

  • No one ever asked nor expected you to be an expert at A1C, CGM, T1D, LADA, or any of those other things. All we hope for is that you’re an expert at doing what you believe to be right things, and at being a good friend. I think you’ve succeeded at that.

  • Thanks Dan!

    Mike and Scott – I was implying (I guess somewhat unsuccessfully based on your responses) that the only thing ANY of us are an expert in is our own life with our own diabetes. I have felt a growing discontent with self-purported experts in managing diabetes. YDMV, right?

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