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Dear Friend with Diabetes,

When I heard that you were headed to Indiana for a work conference, I was very excited. You have lots of friends with diabetes who live in the area so I was hopeful that I would get to come with you.

Then you told me that we were going to stay with one of your friends who has at least 15 Build-a-Bear friends (even one that looks just like me) and I started counting the days. Imagine my surprise when you finished packing and everything started to get really dark! You packed me in your suitcase!

It was a dark and bumpy ride to Indianapolis. Along the way, the craziest thing happened. I was just minding my own business, napping in your suitcase, when all of a sudden, my paw felt wet. Nothing else in your suitcase is wet, your toiletries did not spill, but there was a large wet spot on my paw that smells like hairspray or cologne. Maybe someone saw me on the X-ray and wanted to know why there was a lion in your suitcase. Then when he was checking me out, he spilled his aftershave into the suitcase and was too embarrassed to tell his supervisor. Who knows, they need more security cameras back there!

I just sat in your room during your conference, and that was okay I guess. Better to enjoy the view of cornfields in Indiana than be bored at home in Florida.

Finally on Friday I got some attention again. I got to hang out with a friend. A little soap and water made my fur not so crunchy. The time spent under the hairdryer was a nice touch too.

Thanks for cleaning me up just in time for dinner. Even lions like to eat at Chick-fil-A.

Once we were all full, it was finally time for the “mane” event. Shopping spree! I took some time to explore the Build-A-Bear store before deciding on my clothes. First, I spent some time at the stuffing machine. They offered to cut me open to add a scent, but the surgery just didn’t seem worth it. I tested out the fluffiness of the stuffing supply – two paws up! I spent a little more time getting brushed and fluffed to get back to my previous shine. I tried to use the computer, but these paws were just not made for typing.

A shirt that is just perfect for Blue Fridays, a nice pair of khakis, and some awesome shades. Rawr!

What I don’t understand is that after you got me looking so good, you just left me in the car while you had a cupcake!

Peace out,

Disclosure: I received Lenny from Medtronic Diabetes after attending the Diabetes Advocates Forum. I was not asked to write about him, and all the corny jokes in this post can only be blamed on me. If you’d like your own Lenny, you can find him here.


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