Really thought I had it!

As is the case most weekends, I spent too much time doing absolutely nothing on Saturday and had to make up for it with extra work/time on Sunday. Dinner was late and quick (box mac and cheese). I have successfully bolused for this brand of mac and cheese many times with a well-timed, well-measured combo bolus.

There wasn’t too much time between dinner and bedtime. A few hours later when I was considering collapsing on my pillow, I decided I needed a carb/protein snack to try to keep my early morning stomach troubles away.

I measured out my snack (yes, I do measure certain foods a lot – especially near bedtime) and checked my blood sugar. I was on a downward slope (as seen on the 12 hour graph below) on my Dexcom graph, so based off that information and the information from my bolus calculator I decided not to bolus for my snack.

Apparently that was not the correct decision. Also note that I was above my high threshold for at least three hours. Ask me if I heard my high alarm even one time. Ask me if that is the most frustrating part of my current diabetes technology right now.

It annoys everyone at work (including me) all day, when even the vibration seems like the loudest noise ever, but I don’t hear a darn thing at night.


  • I must not be in the normal element …. just the vibration alone from my Dexcom usually wakes me up at night. Sometimes I ignore it but that’s a different story 😉 I eat dinner late a lot too and find that it messes with my BG. There will always be something new for us to figure out once we already thought we had!

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