Hanging out with my cell phone friends

I think it appropriate to combine these two stories into one post considering they both like to pretend that their insulin pumps are NOT cell phones.

We think that it was at Simonpalooza, but at some point last year I offered that if anyone wanted to fly in early to hang out at the beach with me they could and then we would drive up to Friends for Life together. A few months later Kim was looking at flights and a plan was born.

I picked her up from the airport late Saturday night. We had a combination of YCDT “work” and vacation fun planned. I live about 5 miles from the beach (and actually work even closer to it) so we decided that should be our first stop on Sunday.

We caused quite the scene with our almost matching bathing suits and our exactly matching robot parts. I am sure the nice lady awkwardly staring at us from the shoreline was just CONVINCED we were about to ruin our expensive electronic devices.

We didn’t stay too long at the beach due to our naturally translucent skin tones. I won’t mention how Kim absolutely FRIED her back.

For dinner we headed to one of my favorite burger places in town. My Dexcom had no idea what was going on and I was glad I tested before I passed up on the sweet potato fries. Thankfully by the time we walked over to the ice cream shop, things had corrected themselves.

This ice cream shop has actually been on the Travel Channel. Not for their ice cream (although it IS good), but actually for their bathroom. Let’s just say that if you forget to lock the door, the other customers are going to see more than they bargained for.

Sunday night we made a list of everything we needed to do before our road trip up to Friends for Life. First there was a stop at the copy store to order the last of the YCDT Project posters. This is the point where Kim had to drag me away from an amazing collection of journals. Apparently, not everyone appreciates sarcasm as much as I do.


I will say it again – if you are looking for good Blue Fridays accessories, Charming Charlie is the place to be.

Instead of being organized by type of accessory, the entire store is organized by color. We just HAD to take a picture to send to Cherise.




Perhaps the only part of the whole adventure that I did not think through was getting the You Can Do This Project booth from South Florida up to Orlando. I drive a Civic. We had two generously sized suitcase for just our clothes – a girl has to have options, right? It was a tight squeeze but we did manage to fit it all in and we set off to meet our Friends (for Life *rimshot*).

 On the 4th of July, there weren’t really too many formal activity scheduled at the Children with Diabetes conference. Both “Not My Cell” Brian and I have annual passes to Disneyworld, so we took that opportunity to spend the day at the theme parks.

I “might” have an obsession with the Toy Story Mania ride and I was able to talk Brian into spending the day at Hollywood Studios so I could ride it. A few years ago I had a HORRIBLE experience with diabetes and Hollywood Studios (regarding the usage of Guest Assistance Cards) but we thankfully didn’t have any trouble this time.

In addition to a few times on my favorite ride – it would have been more but someone complained about a blister – we also spent some time in a galaxy far, far away and with Aerosmith. And no, we don’t actually believe in taking a normal picture.

And this is the point where I fail as a Floridian. I know that I need to look at the weather forecast every morning, even if I looked the night before. I know that it rains every day at 3 pm during the summer in Florida. And yet, we were completely unprepared for the downpour.

I was a soggy mess by the time we got back to the hotel but ready for a most excellent group DSMA twitter chat that night.

I think one of my favorite things about hanging out with friends with diabetes is the secret language. Do we talk about diabetes? Sometimes. But we also talk about everything else.

It’s just that we don’t have to explain the buzzes and beeps that sometimes interrupt.


  • How do you forget that it rains every afternoon in FLorida during the summer. Honestly it is my favorite part of the day. It smells amazing after – however if you were unprepared and forgot a mini poncho for your robot parts I can understand your frustration.
    Normal pictures suck.
    i hate that I missed the #DSMA that week – i bet it was a great one although all of you there likely didn’t take part in #nobratime.

  • Totally NEED all of those journals!!
    And, I can’t believe I didn’t hit up the blue section of Charming Charlies!! Shame on me!
    And, and, yes, the best part is not having to explain the beeps and buzzes…but it is a bit nerve racking when you’re not sure where they are coming from!!!

  • Hello Journal #2 🙂 LOVE this post and the amazing good times it represents. Feeling blessed to have you awesome people!

    And, PS…Rain? What is that? I was stunned to see so many drops of water falling from the sky!!! Not something I’m used to here in the DESERT!

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