Brain dump

Do you ever have those times when your brain is just too full and you need to unload it somewhere? I think that’s why most people start a blog.

Sometimes when I can’t sleep I check out an app on my iPad filled with random memes. This one had me laughing pretty well.

My cats have this weird obsession with shoes and purses. They tend to make out with shoes, but they typically just like to nap on my purses. When I tweeted the picture, it actually took a few replies before someone went with the obvious pun. Cat burglar.

I heard an interesting talk yesterday about what it feels like when you think you can’t handle one more thing and then another thing happens. Yeah, I have that.

There are some changes that I think will make things better but I am overwhelmed just thinking about where to start.

The air conditioner went out in my apartment this weekend. I spent a little time at a nearby frozen yogurt place and then the Starbucks next door to it. It was still in the mid-80s in my apartment by bedtime that night. This is how I felt about it in case you were curious.

No, the topics in this post make no sense together. My brain does feel a little bit better though.


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