I see PODS people

Other than my grandma, I didn’t know anyone with diabetes until after I was diagnosed. I lived within a few miles of members of the diabetes online community when I lived in California, but I didn’t know they existed.

When I interviewed for the job that brought me to South Florida it was mid-September. Just about every time of year is hot down here, but the summer hadn’t broken yet that year and it was still exceptionally hot. The interview was a multiple day process and on the second day it included a dinner outside. I was sitting there roasting in my business suit, but I was nervous to take it off. It was easy to hide a pump under the jacket, but I knew people would be able to see it clipped to my waistband (no pockets in dress pants) if I took the jacket off.

After a little bit of friendly harassing from my future coworkers, I gave up the jacket. I was surprised by the reaction of my potential boss once she spotted the pump.

“Medtronic?” she asked.

“Yes, but how did you know?” I responded.

“My son wears one too.”

I realize how lucky I was to move across the country for a job, only to find out that I would have a boss that would understand daily life with diabetes. “In-real-life” support is hard to find, and I credit my online diabetes support system for keeping me somewhat sane for the past six years. I want other people with diabetes to find the same support system that I have been lucky enough to experience.

A few months ago, I was contacted by DiabetesSisters after they had someone request support in my area. They asked if I would be willing to host a PODS meet-up. After completing their training and making my way through a busy summer, I am ready to host my first meet-up this Thursday.

I think I have contacted all my friends with diabetes that live in the area (and have two X chromosomes), but if I missed you (or don’t know about you!) please e-mail me so I can send you the details.

Another step in bringing the online support offline.


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