Not always right

License plates. Not always right.

(Twitter fan on the left and … I’m not sure that second one even counts)

license plates

BG checks. Not always right.

(I poked my finger and put blood on the strip. Didn’t notice the meter wasn’t on. Didn’t want to poke again, so gave my finger an extra squeeze. Saw the spray in the light of the laptop – from the trackpad to the screen. Oops.)

on the keyboard

Extending CGM sensor life. Not always right.

(It seems that maybe 16 days, not 17 was the correct sensor life for this one.)

sensor gone wrong


  • I did the same thing the other day – the blood didn’t go on the first strip right and like you I didn’t want to re-poke. But I knew what may happen so was squeezing my finger with all my might, pointing it away though 😉

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