I wear my Dexcom so I will know when my blood glucose is trending toward my high and low thresholds.

So tell me why this…

and this…

prevent me from receiving any alarms related to this.



  • Do you mean that the low battery and change sensor soon alarms were causing the readings to stop? I’ve never had a low battery alarm – in 4 years with the thing! I’m a freak and never let any of my devices go past 1 or 2 bars (depending on how many means full) lol. As for the change sensor, I haven’t noticed that it interferes with the readings. Very interesting.

    • No, the readings don’t stop but you don’t know about them. The low battery and change sensor alerts prevent you from being alerted about anything else (like a low threshold alert).

      I let my Dex drain to low battery each time. I heard (but could be completely wrong) that it is better for battery life.

  • I’m about ready to throw my dex out the window and roll over it with my car. This morning it told me Ella was 210, arrow straight up. She was a sweet 98. Grrrr…is this thing supposed to be right more than it is wrong? Because right now it’s wrong more than it is right.

    • Ugh! Yeah, sometimes I just get bad sensors or sometimes they are in bad spots. I notice that when I put one in, the first 24 hours or so is just nonsense. I have no medical training, but I would imagine it is probably harder for the sensors to keep up with kids than adults too.

  • Not cool! I can kinda understand when the battery is low..to maybe prevent a total shut down. But the change sensor one? Stupid! If the sensor is still active, it should be alerting you!!
    Frustrating for sure!

    Can’t say that I’ve noticed that with Bean’s dexcom…will have to be mindful of it for sure!

    • Is it really? I don’t know. I am a little obsessive with my technology (its been in a case its whole life) and maybe a little good editing too 🙂

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