In case you missed it…

Last night –

It had been a very long day, ending a very long week. I was relaxing on my couch, minding my own business, watching some Law and Order (#likeyoudo).

The two edges of my couch are La-Z-Boy type recliners and so I was leaning back in full relaxation mode. This meant the back of the middle seat was significantly higher than the back cushion where I was reclining.

I should add that #Bes really misses me during the work day and usually demands some lovin’ when I get home. Apparently I did not pay her enough attention because without warning she jumped down from the center cushion to the reclined right cushion.

Right onto my face.

Apparently I am a bad diabetic. I didn’t even think of checking my BG before I cleaned it out and put a bandaid on it. Cat scratches burn like no other!

Think anyone will notice the bandage? It’s flesh-colored, right?

P.S. Pardon the back-to-back cat posts, but when a cat cuts your forehead you have to mention it, right?


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