Not that I’m counting

Others have already written about the power of the green bracelet. It represents the community of people with type 1 diabetes visible at the Friends for Life conference. Continuing to wear it after reminded me of some of the best parts of the conference – support, encouragement, and friendship.

My green bracelet this year was with me through quite a lot.

It went on a rollercoaster with a friend while the rain poured down outside.

It was on my wrist (in color-coordinated fashion) as I sat out by the hotel pool during the conference (thanks for the pic, Chris).

It was with me while I worked the first-ever You Can Do This Project booth.

It braved a hiking and camping trip with my family.

It protected me when I met a questionable mascot.

It toured a test strip manufacturing plant.

It spent a few hours in an airport including a visit to a candy shop wearing a coordinating t-shirt with a friend.

After about a month, it didn’t look too bad. I had added a little Flexifix when the adhesive started to fray. What’s the point of having a medical supply company in your closet if you don’t use for other important purposes.

I wore it both day and night (obviously), despite some interesting morning results. You could say I am a restless sleeper.

Over the past few days it appeared that the tape was the only thing holding the bracelet on. I really wanted to leave it on until the next time I am my DOC family – but it became obvious it was not going to last until my trip to TCOYD in Des Moines.

I gave the bracelet a slight pull and it basically fell right off. I guess it was time.

The green bracelet may represent the best of the diabetes community but I am so thankful that I don’t need to wear it to feel the support.

Bracelet worn
61 days or
1 month 30 days or
1464 hours or
87,840 minutes or
5,270,400 seconds.


Next bracelet in
306 days or
10 months, 3 days or
7344 hours or
440,640 minutes or
26,438,400 seconds.

Not that I’m counting.

P.S. Please continue to support the Schuhmacher family financially if you are able.

P.P.S. Speaking of the support of our community, check out the picture that Kim took of the Letter from the Editor of the October issue of Diabetes Forecast. Warm fuzzies wear glasses.


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