This is your official reminder

Don’t forget to nominate your favorite posts this month for Best of the ‘Betes Blogs. The past month got away from me a little bit with extra work responsibilities and some travel and I didn’t have time to line up a blogger to host, so I will post the winners here.

I have some good news to sweeten the deal though. At the Roche Social Media Summit, all attendees were given a Glooko cable. I already have (and enjoy using) one, so I have one to give away. Everyone who nominates a post will be eligible to receive the cable, and I will have Bes and Rose help me pick the winners (or maybe a random number generator).

A review of the details in case you need it –

Here are the categories:

Best Use of Humor
Best Vlog
Best Recipe
Best Use of Photography
Best Advocacy
Best Reference to a D-Celebrity
Best Story of a D Meet-up
Best non-D Related Post
Best Post by a Type 1
Best Post by a Type 2
Best Post by a Type Awesome
Best Post by a LADA/ Type 1.5/ Not otherwise specified
Best story of a D-mistake
Best Motivational Post

Best Diabetes Art  [This better be a BIG category this month!]

Any posts written during the month of September are eligible (please no self-nominations). Email or send a DM to the Best of the ‘Betes Blogs twitter account (@bestbetesblogs) with your nominations.

A nomination would look something like this

Sara (include link to blog if you have one) nominates Sprinkles for the Best Story of a D-Mistake (link to the specific post you are nominating on Sprinkles’ blog)

You have until Saturday at midnight to nominate your favorite posts. Then return here Monday, October 1st to see the “best of” September and the winner of the Glooko cable.


As I mentioned, the Glooko cable was given to me as an individual attendee. The giveaway associated with this month’s post represents me trying to get a good product into the hands of someone who can use it and does not suggest an endorsement by Roche or Glooko – in case you were wondering.

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