Treat me like a kid

The first things I pass when I walk into my local grocery store are the sale bins. Usually it is stuff I don’t buy because of the size or nutritional value (regular Gatorade, boxes of cereal, 5 lb bags of rice, etc). Sometimes soda or the sandwiches thins I use for my sandwiches are on sale so I always swing by just in case. I mean, every girl likes a sale right?

Last week something new caught my eye. I wasn’t sure what it was exactly, but I spotted small pouch with a picture of fruit on it. The nutritional label looked good for a potential low treatment with about 15 carbs each and the flavors sounded yummy (and remember they were on sale!) so I picked up a few.

Buddy Fruits are a fun all natural way for me to get closer to the daily recommended amount of fruit. The Pure Blended Fruit pouches have the consistency of applesauce but taste much much better (probably because there is no dairy, gluten, artificial preservatives, colorings, or genetic modifications).

They technically weren’t designed for it, but they seem to also be a great way to treat a low. I keep them in the fridge and they were a nice treat especially after exercise. Much tastier than a boring juice box and the same amount of carbs. I tried the apple + banana and the apple + multifruit combinations (there is a workout “superfruit” version I haven’t tried yet).

Of course, now that I’ve found something I enjoy, I couldn’t find them at all at the store this week. Looks like I might be ordering online.

No disclosure necessary but if a box of Buddy Fruits showed up at my door I certainly wouldn’t complain.


  • I was wondering how those tasted! Thanks. Of course my husband says I am the easiest marketing hit on earth: just tag something ‘NEW!” and I want it. I really want it!

  • We buy similar apple sauce pouches for traveling, camping, and on-the-go.

    I think I saw these at Target in the aisle with the applesauce and other fruit pouches. But sometimes these types of snacks are located with the baby/toddler food (our Target recently remodeled to include food and moved some things around). Also, Toys ‘R Us has a wide selection of these types of snacks.

    • Babies – diabetics. It’s almost the same with the middle of the night wake-ups, right?

      I did actually find a few other brands in the baby food aisle of the same grocery store this week.

  • So it’s just buddy fruits you’re accepting on your door step?
    Just thought I’d clarify that before I booked tickets, took annual leave and all of that…

  • Mmmm. these sound yummy and worth the buy! I use those squeezable applesauces, but these sound even better. I use them as low treaters myself, though often toss one into my lunch just because they’re easy to cart around. Thanks for this, Sara!

  • I don’t usually buy this brand, but I DO love these! I also find they are much more durable since they are meant for babies (AKA no breakage & leakage in the purse!) Also, make sure you don’t buy the ones with hidden vegetables because it’s a much slower rise in the BG (at least for me).

  • Hey, I just bought two boxes of something similar (same stuff, different brand) on sale at Whole Foods. I had the same idea, that they would be great for lows. Although I have not yet actually used them to treat a low. Instead, I’ve bolused and had them as snacks. (Oh well, at least it’s a pretty healthy snack . . . )

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