Best Betes Blogs – Breaking the rules

With apologies to George and No D Day, it is October 1st and so I present to you the Best of the ‘Betes Blogs from the past month.

Before I list the posts that have been nominated and chosen in each category, there are a few members of our community who must be mentioned first.

In submitting their nominations, several people noted that they weren’t sure how, but felt that Meri deserved special acknowledgement. Well, I’m not sure how either. Meri, your posts have left us all laughing, crying, and getting angry right along with you. Thank you for continuing to share your story with us.

The diabetes online community also lost a dear member this month. Please keep the family of Elizabeth Sanders in your thoughts and prayers and please read this heartfelt post from her love Jeff and keep him in your thoughts as well.

Best Use of Humor

Have you ever broken a vial of insulin? Well there’s a totally different insulin “break” dance in this post (the first one is my favorite).

Best Recipe

In a category I believe she has been mentioned in before, Lisa (from Scratch) feeds right in to the all-things-pumpkin trend by giving us a great recipe for a pumpkin pie frap. She might just get me to actually USE my pinterest account!

Best Use of Photography

Scott shares with us the recognition he received or his twenty five years with diabetes – six years late.

Best Advocacy

Stephen S points out how much words matter during a difficult exchange at his employer’s health screening.

Best Story of a D Meet-up

Differently the same – the imagery that Marie uses to describe her experiences at TCOYD Des Moines is a beautiful read.

Best non-D Related Post

If you have a(n) (invisible) chronic illness or care for someone that does, you need to read these posts by two of the Scotts regarding caregiving and advocacy. They might not relate directly to diabetes, but there are important connections for all of us in both posts.

Best story of a D-mistake

When the going gets tough, the hypoglycemic use what they have.

Best Post by a Type 1

Both of these posts were nominated multiple times, so there was no way to pick between them. First check out the funny, sweet, adorable, sarcastic story of the arrival of Jacquie’s baby. Then hop over to Karen’s blog to read how HER baby has made her realize that she would be a horrible Type 3. Me too Karen, me too!

Best Post by a Type 2

Rachel passes on the lesson that her deficient thyroid is teaching her. There are times when we all just need to slow down.

Best Post by a Type Awesome

As much as we try to remember that we are not judged by the results of our endocrinologist appointments and our latest A1c, it does still feel pretty good when things go right.

Best Motivational Post

I haven’t actually ridden a bike since I was diagnosed almost ten years ago (not entirely but a little bit because of diabetes but that’s a different story), but somehow I feel like I am riding right along with Moira as she enters the final preparations for the Death Valley JDRF Ride to Cure. Make sure you read about all the other people who were riding along with her on her last training ride. Chills!

Best Diabetes Art

We celebrated Diabetes Art Day this month so there was no shortage of diabetes art. Some of the favorites nominated this month included pieces by Melissa, Alecia , Kim, and Denise (and kids).

Best Reference to a D-Celebrity

A special someone made a trip to school with Diane and Julia to help explain living with diabetes. Way to go Lenny!

There were six people who submitted nominations this month.
Stephen S
Scott E

Entering those numbers into (in order of when they submitted their nominations)

Congratulations Scott E! Enjoy your Glooko cable – I sure hope you have an iDevice or can pass it on to someone who does!

Congratulations to the other bloggers who had posts nominated this month.
Kerri and Abby

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Remember you can send nominations all month long! Include today! *hint* No D Day posts */hint*. Email, or direct message @bestbetesblogs on Twitter whenever you read a great post. There is no limit to the number of posts you can nominate! You don’t have to have a blog or a twitter account to nominate – you just have to enjoy reading blogs about diabetes.

Happy October everyone!


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