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I like food. I believe in everything in moderation – including moderation. My mom had been subjected to diets from her teenage years and didn’t want me to experience the same. I had a speedy metabolism when I was little so this wasn’t really a problem. I ate and ate and ate and my grandma would still question if my mom was feeding me enough. Of course as I grew older, my mom warned that I would wish for that metabolism back someday.

As they always usually are, mom was right and after I hit that magic 30 year mark a little while back, my metabolism has definitely slowed down. I am adjusting to this new eating plan and trying to shed a few stubborn pounds before the holiday season sets in with all the food based get-togethers.

Some friends were in town last week and we met for dinner at the local Cheesecake Factory. The portions are huge so I separated my plate into dinner and leftovers right when it arrived at the table. But when the waiter asked if I wanted dessert, I couldn’t resist ordering one to go. I don’t think anyone can resist Adam’s Peanut Butter Cup Fudge Ripple.

I got home and started catching up on the day’s blogs when the cheesecake started calling to me from the refrigerator. I knew what I was supposed to do. I had adjusted the portion size of my dinner just a few hours before.

Sometimes you just need a few friends to keep you accountable…

… even when you don’t want to hear it.


  • I separate portions immediately too, but there’s no way to resist the offer of dessert at Cheesecake Factory. It never fails though, someone recommends the “skinny” cheesecake. But any one of the amazing chocolate flavors is worth the insulin!

    Spreading out your dessert just makes the deliciousness last longer!

  • I always find myself picking at the left-over food at my plate not because I’m hungry but simply because it’s there and I pick. So now I just dump loads of salt on it. I don’t have any will power. I’ve been known to trash drive to get the other half of the cookie I threw away 1 minute earlier. So the salt works for me.

  • “Everything in moderation, including moderation” I love this! What a boring world it would be if we all played by the rules all the time. I think it’s true of food and life. I mean look where it’s gotten me..old,.dead end job and dull horizons…Keep up the great mix of posts (and facial expressions)

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