Making diabetes cute since 2003 – iBGStar edition

I (finally) received my iBGStar case for the iPhone in the mail on Tuesday. It’s nice to have the meter constantly attached and to take out an extra step in the process of checking my blood sugar.

 I’ve run into a few issues with using the case but nothing life (or meter)-changing.

I charge my phone over night each night and had a momentary pause when I tried to plug in the charger last night. Duh! The meter uses the same connector at the power cord. Looks like I’ll be unplugging the meter each night.*

The only other problem I’ve noticed so far with the iBGStar case is that it is exceptionally boring.

I don’t “do” boring.

A few quick stickers from the craft box and the case is looking much better already.

What do you think?

*Edited to add – I was contacted by Sanofi Diabetes after this post published today with a great update about charging the meter and phone. While the meter is plugged into the phone, plugging the meter in to charge using the USB cord to connect to a computer or wall outlet charges both the meter and phone at the same time. Woot!


  • Keep in mind that I don’t use the iBGStar primarily but I was a bit disappointed with the case when I got it. I thought it was rubber or silicone for some reason, which it is not. You have dolled it up very nicely – love the stickers!! 🙂

  • I unfortunately don’t use my iBGstar to its full potential because i don’t connect it to my phone enough. The main reason is that i have to take off my current case since it doesn’t allow the meter to fully connect. The opposite problem applies with the iBGstar case in that you have to take off the case to recharge the phone.

    Also – a question: does keeping your iBGstar plugged in all the time drain your phone battery faster?

    • I was worried about leaving the meter connected to the phone all the time since I barely make it a day on a charge as it is. I am not going to get the technical explanation right, but basically the meter is only “on” and using the battery when the phone is on. So when my phone is sleeping it is like nothing is connected. So far, so good.

  • Very nice! I like the idea of the case, but then I couldn’t plug my phone into my neck anymore. So while I have strips, I’m carrying the iBG Star in my pocket (it’s so nice and small!) and plugging it in occasionally to sync up.

  • This entire post and conversation made me smile first thing this morning. Especially “I don’t do boring” and Scott not being able to plug his iPhone in his neck. Here is a neat trick: You can use the iBGstar charger while the iBGstar is connected to your iPhone, and it will charge both simultaneously. No need to remove it from the case, just use the iBGstar charger. I learned this just last night because I’m on the road and forgot my iPhone charger. Yay!

    • Thanks Martin!

      After I posted this (and probably as you were writing your comment), Sanofi contacted me with the same “charging through the meter” information. Neat trick!

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