My empty bag

I was inspired by Kerri’s post on Wednesday about her diabetes grab bag (and Stacey’s follow up version) to take a picture of my diabetes “grab bag.”

Currently, I don’t exactly have a grab bag, it’s more like a bunch of stuff scattered throughout my purse. I obviously carry more when I am traveling, but these are the products that are with me on a daily basis.

  1. A Diet Coke themed wristlet purchased from the Coke Museum last Thanksgiving with Victoria. If anyone knows how I can get my hands on a Diet Pepsi version, I’d really prefer that. Hold items 2-5.
  2. The cap for the iBGStar meter. Used when the meter is not connected to an iDevice.
  3. FastClix. My preferred lancing device. It’s on lancet #3 which means I’m technically carrying a few spare lancets too. 
  4. A few used test strips. The wristlet has an inside pocket. Apparently it holds quite a bit. It’s empty now. 
  5. iBGStar test strips. Vial of 50 roughly the same size as item 8, which only holds 25. Hmmm.
  6. Meter. Nutritional information database/carbohydrate counter. Logging app.
  7. Ping remote. Particularly helpful when I’m wearing a dress or otherwise want to bolus discreetly. I don’t use it every day but when I do, I am VERY thankful for this device.
  8. Test strips from item 7. 
  9. Batteries. Two triple As for the meter, one double A for the Animas Ping pump.
  10. Glucose tabs. Just yesterday I ran out of Glucolift tabs in my travel tube and had to mix flavors. I didn’t really notice how much better the Glucolift tablets taste until I had one so close to a generic tab.
  11. Dexcom receiver. Has the amazing ability to fall out of the side pocket of my purse and bury itself deep in my bag, found only when it beeps.
  12. Trail mix. Please explain how Walgreens brand is so good.

I don’t carry any extra insulin with me. Peeking into other grab bags makes me feel a little guilty/worried about this. Anyone else not carry back-up insulin?


  • I think I may need to join the trend of a “grab bag” post. I don’t carry extra insulin or extra pump supplies. Working a 8-5 job, I’m not worried about this because during the week, I’ll just run home if needed (not the best situation, but it’s an option). I also do have an extra infusion set in my desk at work. I’m afraid keeping insulin at work, it would expire before I would ever use it. If my situation ever changes, I may carry extra insulin, but for now – I’m not worried about it.

  • If you carry a syringe in your bag, you can always pull insulin out of the ping reservoir in an emergency. Good thing about this is that you don’t have to worry about the backup insulin bottle/pen going bad (and you have one less thing to carry around).

  • I, too, will have to show what’s in my bag/case/whatever. I carry insulin most of the time, and sometimes I even carry a syringe, too.

    Are you sure the Walgreens trail mix tastes good? Because their glucose tablets are like reheated death.

  • I don’t carry back up insulin with me either. I keep my supply at home and I keep a bottle in the office fridge, but nothing actually on me at all times. Though coincidentally, my pump resivoir ran empty about 2 hours before I got home yesterday. I got home to a lovely 315, but that’s my own fault for forgetting to change it before I left.

  • we don’t carry backup insulin unless we’re going to be away from home for a while. cute little bag! i’m gonna have to try that walgreens trail mix out.

  • I don’t carry insulin either. I just carry a few syringes to steal insulin from my insulin reservoir if I find myself in need of a manual shot if/when my site fails or gets yanked out.

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