No D Day: Adventure

I posted a few of these pictures before, but they fit with the theme of today’s post so I figured they deserved repeating. Also, most of them were posted four or five years ago and there’s been a lot of new people around here since then.

One thing that most people don’t know about me, and that has been a bit lacking in my life lately is that I love a good adventure. I think that’s probably why it doesn’t phase me to travel around the country to hang out with people I’ve only met online.

In 2005, I traveled to the Middle East (Israel and Jordan).

While we were at the Sea of Galilee we were served a dish called St. Peter’s fish. The picture on the left is what was brought to our table (my mom NEVER served fish like that!), which prompted many pictures similar to those on the right.

Another crazy adventure from that trip included walking through the Siloam Tunnel. The tunnel spans 533 meters (1750 feet, or 1/3 mile) under the city. There are no lights in the tunnel. The light in this picture is only from the flashlight I am holding and the flash from the camera.

Notice the water line on my pants and how close the walls are on either side. There were places that the water barely covered my toes, and others where it was almost up to my waist. Imagine walking through that with no real idea of what was coming next. Ha!

Towards the end of our trip we also journeyed into Jordan to visit Petra. Crossing between the two countries was a very interesting experience. There was a time when we actually weren’t in EITHER country as one guide dropped us at one border and we waited for the other guide (and armed security) to pick us up at the other.

Camels. And bonus (geek) points if the other two pictures of me remind you of a movie…

Another adventure that I’m proud of (that I actually wrote about in my first few months of blogging) is going skydiving. You don’t actually feel like you are falling, but the power of the “wind” is incredible. I was supposed to grab the camera man’s hand so he could get some good shots but I physically COULD NOT get my arm to move. My “jump buddy” had to force my arm forward to get us connected.

I love the pictures I have from that day – especially the awkward face flapping shots. My skydiving trip was actually right around the time that a website I am not supposed to talk about today was founded and so one of the pictures was actually used in some of the early promotional material (in case it looked familiar to you but you couldn’t figure out how).

And one final adventure that I never quite finished…

Growing up mostly in Southern California, I had big celebrity dreams. I guess that can happen when your dad’s wife lived next to Viggo, you live in the same town as Topanga, and you go to college with the heartthrob from My Girl 2. I was in a bunch of local community theatre and tried my luck with Hollywood for a little while. Some family circumstances prevented me from pursuing it too far, but not before I managed to get an epic headshot.

So yeah, adventures in traveling and making a fool of myself. That about sums it up!

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  • Ahhhh, that fish-head photo is truly creeepy! YOu look impressively comfortable in that photo. Love the way you described sky-diving, I’ve gone tandem too, and it is such a bizarre feeling. I’d never thought about it before in terms of how you said it doesn’t feel like you’re falling — I totally agree!

    Great No-D-Post. Except for the fish-photo, which I’ll never be able to erase from my mind.


  • Colleen says:

    Ick – Ick
    The fish head is icky.

    Other than that, you’re quite amazing!

  • George says:

    HAHHAHAA I love this! that Fish pic is the best thing EVAH!!

  • Kelly Booth says:

    Another yuck on the fish but I loved the rest of the pics though. My cousin worked in Jordan for awhile and she really liked it – other than going over the border.

  • MelissaBL says:

    Flappy face. I prefer the thought of that to the fishy face.

  • shannon says:

    those are all amazing pics (and stories – the water cave one, wow!) but none of them can or will ever compare to that amazing headshot. you might as well stop taking pics. if only it were in color…

  • victoria says:

    I learned something about you in this post! I had no idea you wanted to act. I love it! And what a fantastic headshot! I totally had those bangs, too!

  • Kim says:

    WHAT THE FISH. Kudos on the Glamour Shot – but no feather boa? No bedazzled jean jacket? I’m disappointed.

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