Steel Magnolias – the remake

The world premiere of the Steel Magnolias remake finally aired last night. I watched it with anticipation.

The script stayed almost exact to the original (and even the screenplay before that). I wasn’t sure how the casting could compare to the original but the acting was superb, especially Queen Latifah as M’Lynn. I think the hypo scene in the beauty shop was more believable in this one than it was in the original.

There were a few small (but important) changes in this version. Shelby, the character with Type 1 diabetes, actually uses a blood glucose meter in one scene. She mentions testing ten times a day while reassuring her mother about managing her pregnancy with diabetes. There was an added line that her “chronic kidney condition” was the reason the doctors did not want her to get pregnant, not necessarily her diabetes.

The social media aspects of this movie remake is actually where I think that Lifetime did a disservice to the diabetes community. As I mentioned in my previous post, the diabetes resources listed on Lifetime website are greatly lacking. How can you put together a list of resources about diabetes and not even mention JDRF? Then the intern person in charge of the Twitter account really mangled the live tweets.

(Here’s my Storify account. What an interesting tool to tell the… story)

As long as we are talking about controversial topics, I was included in a recent CNN article about “longtime Republicans” and health care. In case you feel the need to comment on my political beliefs, may I direct you to this meme.

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