Wordless Wednesday: Planes, trams, and automobiles

This is one of those “-less” posts that still needs a few words.

It took all sorts of transportation to make it to TCOYD at the end of September. Almost forgotten credit card reward airline miles. A tram ride after midnight to a far away parking garage (that may have the coolest exit ramps ever). And multiple three hour car rides with friends.

Was it all worth it?


My friends keep me somewhat sane. The diabetes online community is only second to my pump in level of importance of my diabetes management (okay, maybe third behind my Dexcom). The thought that even one person was able to make that connection to the community by visiting the You Can Do This Project booth made it all totally worth it.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, here is a short video we put together about the YCDT Project at TCOYD Des Moines.

Also, I think I might be addicted to memes.


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