Your shirt is distracting

I was running an errand at work yesterday when I walked by my boss’ boss’ boss’ boss. We stopped to talk for a few minutes and as you can probably tell from his “title” it was an important conversation. I was trying very hard to pay attention and answer his questions but I think the pancreases pancreati pancreata of the world were plotting against me.

You see, I have a special tractor beam that lets me know when anything related to diabetes is happening nearby and someone walked by me with a shirt that said “I heart pancreas”on it. I KNOW everyone around here with diabetes and I know this girl doesn’t have diabetes.

What was going on?

I obviously could not stop the conversation to catch this person and then I could not stop thinking about how I was going to figure out why she was wearing that shirt.

How could I focus on my work when there were diabetes mysteries to be solved?

Thankfully for all involved, she happened to walk by my office a few hours later. The story of how she got the shirt is almost as good as the shirt itself (that I unfortunately did not capture).

She was at a friend’s house for Thanksgiving and was wearing a cute but form-fitting shirt. After the meal the shirt became more uncomfortable and she asked her friend for a change of clothes. Her friend gave her an “old shirt” that she had received from being on her friend’s JDRF walk team a few years before. The girl wearing the shirt this week had no idea what it meant or what a pancreas does (or doesn’t do).

And now all I can think about is how I can get one of those shirts for myself.


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