Grown Up D-Sib

My brother was out on his own and married (with 2 kids!) by the time I was diagnosed with diabetes. I guess he missed most of the exciting things like bringing me glucose tabs or waiting for dinner until my blood glucose had dropped.

I know he cares about me though. In the first years after I was diagnosed he would get curious about testing his blood sugar, but then chicken out at the idea of poking himself. I suppose it is hard to know what it feels like until you actually do it, and really, why poke yourself repeatedly unless you have to, right?

It’s been almost 10 years and he become so much more brave. When I was at his house for Thanksgiving, he even let his youngest be the one to poke him (check out the technique).

Serious question on D-Sib Day: For those of you diagnosed as adults, did you have any of your family tested for autoantibodies? Siblings, nieces, nephews, etc?


  • My younger sister had an antibody test. I was diagnosed at 24 and she’s 2 years younger than me. All came back negative.

    No one else in my family has been tested though. I have a young daughter and my husband and I have made the decision not to have her checked and enrolled in any studies. It’s a really personal and difficult decision. I’ll be interested to see what other commenters say about this.

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