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As most of you know, JDRF offered a unique experience during November’s Diabetes Awareness Month. It was called T1D for a Day and after signing up an individual received text messages throughout the day that intended to simulate living with type 1 diabetes.

Since I already know what it is like to live with diabetes, I didn’t really want to get the text messages. My mom is an elementary school teacher so, while I know she would sign up, she wouldn’t be able to be near her phone for most of the day.

While I was thinking about the program, I was also Facebook chatting with one of my very best friends from college. She was actually crucial to my diagnosis story and the one who took me to the emergency room when I was diagnosed. Because of some mutual friends, she has even celebrated a holiday with one of my favorite California d-friends.

I figured that since she was the one that got me into all this nonsense, she should have to spend a day experiencing what I have been living with the past (almost) ten years. Thankfully, she agreed to sign up for the project. Without even realizing it, she signed for to receive the texts on the night of the 13th, which means that my friend was T1 for a Day on World Diabetes Day.

Diabetic destiny?


Here are her thoughts on the experience –

Throughout the day I received text messages, I was struck by how up and down the blood sugar levels were. As I thought of what it would be like to go through that, I imagined it would be really hard to feel like you’re not in control of your own body. Or even when you’re trying to manage things, feeling like it’s not going your way. How frustrating!

Another part that really struck me was the way the blood sugar levels manifested physically. I imagined it would be really hard to keep up with my 7 month old [adorable baby to the right] if I was experiencing low blood sugar!

Before the Type 1 for a Day, I thought I had a fairly good understanding of the life of a diabetic. After, I feel that I really can’t understand how much it adds to your life to have Type 1 and I have a new level of empathy for those who live with this lifestyle. I’m so glad I was invited to have this experience.

Thanks for participating, M! Can’t wait to see you when I am home at Christmas!!


  • I love the idea of T1 for a day. But, while I totally get why you didn’t want to inconvenience your mom, you almost miss the point. If you’re mom actually had Type 1, she would still have to deal with it, classroom full of students or not. Depending on the age of the students, a missed learning opportunity for all.

    • I completely understand your point. But I also understand that my mom is not allowed to use her cell phone at work. While I think the T1D for a Day project is cool, it is not cool enough for my mom to lose her job over.

  • Sara, this is very interesting feedback. I’m especially struck by how your friend’s experience led to something that I think all of us PWDs have for each other… empathy. Thanks for sharing.

  • Hey I know her! 😉 So cool and what a great way to teach someone about the T1D life.

    Thanks for the shout out. You are one my favorite Florida D-Friends!

  • I wish I had signed someone close to me up for this. Not my mom, since she doesn’t text lol But maybe my hubby or sister or friends. I’m glad that she did that for you and learned what I think is exactly what others don’t get about living with it.

  • So cool that she did that, and that she took the time to really think about each text message and what it would really be like to be dealing with that particular issue.

    Must get more people we know to do it next year, if they do it again!

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