Wait a minute Mr. Postman

I got my World Diabetes Day 2012 Postcard Exchange match this weekend, and last night I started working on my card. I plan to mail it in an envelope because there is no way everything would stay on the card if I sent it unprotected through the mail.

I took some pictures as I worked, and purposefully zoomed in to not give anything away to the people who will eventually be receiving my “cards.” I also  made sure to pick up a few stickers on my way home from work yesterday to make sure my life was accurately represented on the card.

Despite having high hopes to finish the cards last night, I decided to give up a little after 1 am. I need to finish them tonight because I don’t want to miss out on the chance to have them postmarked on World Diabetes Day.

Who else is participating in the postcard exchange? Do you recognize the name(s) of your pen pal? I don’t think I know mine but I am excited to expand my (blue) circle a little wider.


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