Where everybody knows your name

I really need to write about the Diabetes Mine Innovation Summit, which brought me across the country to where I am now, but I am still trying to organize my pages and pages of notes and pictures of slides (so much easier than writing everything down when the info was flying). While I work on that, I have a few fun stories in the meantime.

After the Summit, most of the Voices winners went out to dinner together. We laughed and joked around through most of the meal. You would never believe how funny linguistics can be (did you know letters can be intrusive?). We also compared carb counting techniques. Although we don’t use it all the time, a few of us have the same nutritional scale. One of the participants, Jana Beck, joked about how it is great for everything except weighing bananas. The scale provides carb counts for the items in its database but it doesn’t mention whether the count includes the peel or not.

The next day I was hanging out with one of my favorite D-moms in her kitchen. We were talking about how people with diabetes usually stock up on the fun sized snacks this time of year. Christina grabbed her scale to show me that her favorite fun sized pretzel snacks don’t always match the package.

She commented that she loves the scale except for one thing… those darn bananas and their unmentioned peels!

For dinner on Saturday, Christina and I headed into Berkeley to meet up with some other diabetes friends. I am so thankful to the group coming in from all over the Bay Area to join us. It was great to see Mike and Meri (!!!) again and to meet Deborah and Sarah for the first time.

Mike had mentioned that he had been to the restaurant before so we didn’t really think much about it when the servers were a little extra friendly. We were a little surprised though when his cider came and the server took a step backwards when Mike acknowledged that it was for him. “This has a lot of sugar in it!” Thankfully Mike explained that she was joking and that he knew her really well or I think there would have been an anti-D-police riot in the back of the restaurant…

…especially after one of us got a regular Coke instead of diet.


Making your way in the world today takes everything you’ve got. Taking a break from all your worries, sure would help a lot.

Wouldn’t you like to get away? Sometimes you want to go…

Where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came.
You wanna be where you can see, our troubles are all the same
You wanna be where everybody knows your name. source

P.S. MAJOR props to anyone who is a parent and a blogger. I am not sure how you have time to fit it all in! I just had to beg my nephew for five minutes to finish the post that I had been working on all day. How do you do it?


  • Love that you got to meet-up… And I’m only semi-jealous!

    Btw, most of my posts are cobbled together one paragraph at a time. Or I write them at 3 am when a night check has stolen my sleep from me. Either way, got to get those words out or my brain will explode!

  • Why can’t some of these things be held in AK!?!?!
    Oh, I know…we’re way the heck to far away and costs too dang much to get here! *sigh*

    …and to answer your question…it’s either after they are asleep or in between telling them “just one more minute and I’ll be done on the computer!” and yelling at them to “please, just let me finish this! it will take WAY less time if you’d leave me alone!!” 😉

  • First thank you so much for hanging in town which allowed for a great DOC meet-up with some of California’s finest. I have eaten at least 4 bags of pretzels today and Sugarboy has had 3 (2 were used to treat a low).
    Second – Can’t wait to hear more about innovation summit even though you shared some highlights in our long drives already.
    Third – love the picture you posted – WAY better than the fruit phone pics I got.
    Lastly – love love love that you included what I use as my Wednesday DSMA theme song all day long. I wake up humming it. It is my ringtone everyday. It’s like the writers of the Cheers Title song wrote it for the DOC and all the meet-ups and chats we attend.
    I am feeling very blessed to be living in a place where all the coolest people come for conferences. Life is good.

  • Now I have the Cheers song in my head!!! LOL!!

    I just started my blog but already I’ve noticed that my posts are going to be mostly finished in the wee hours, most likelly while I’m waiting to do another BG check.

    Looking forward to hearing all about the Summit 🙂

  • D-Moms don’t sleep. Ever. We’re like owls. Eyes constantly open and even the tiniest sound in the distance turns our head.

    What else are you going to do at 2am? Get on FB or blog 😉

    Looks like a great meet up. Can’t wait to hear more about the summit.

  • Regarding your PS, there are four priorities in life: taking care of the kids, earning a living, blogging, and sleeping (there is no time for other recreation, but the kids ARE the source of enjoyment/recreation). In order to get the blogging one done, one of the others has to be sacrificed. In my world, usually that’s either “B” (slacking off at work) or “D” (my wife asks when I’m coming to bed on a regular occasion).

    Sometimes we just squeeze it in. My last blog post was written in pieces, partially while on a bus into the city (until the bumpy ride and the reading started making me sick), and at a Starbucks while waiting for a 1:00 appointment.

    How to parent-bloggers find time to TRAVEL to these types of events, now that’s a real question!

  • I LOVE this, Sara! And I’m more than a little jealous of some of the people you got to meet.

    I’m still full of warm fuzzies from the meetup here last night. There just is nothing like it. 🙂

  • It’s a wonderful truth from a beautiful song.

    There’s nothing like the feeling of being with those you know and who know you.

    I’m ever so thankful that the online world has as allowed me to connect and form friendships with many such folk, yourself included.

    Outrageous faces, or attempts to steal the brownie aside, keep on being Sara. I appreciate you for all that you do for this online community and all that you mean to me personally.

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