Best of the Best of the ‘Betes Blogs

What an amazing year in the diabetes online community. Here are some of the best posts written this year.

Best Use of Humor

January – Diabetically Speaking
February – Texting My Pancreas
March – A Consequence of Hypoglycemia
April – I Run on Insulin
May – I Run on Insulin (on a roll!)
June – Bigfoot Child Have Diabetes
July – Rolling in the D
August – C’s Life with D
September – Texting My Pancreas
October – One Unit At A Time
November – One Unit At A Time (funny x2!)

Best Vlog

January – The Princess and the Pump
March – Moments of Wonderful
April – You Can Do This Project
May – Houston… We Have a Problem
June – Put Your Oxygen Mask on 1st
July – Princess of Pavement
August – Kid President
October – Living in Progress
November – Dorkabetic

Best Recipe

March – Type 1 Momma
April – This is Caleb
May – Tenaciously Sweet
June – oh, Brady
August – Bittersweet Diabetes
September – oh, Brady
October – I Run on Insulin
November – A Girl’s Reflections

Best Use of Photography

January – Ann Rosenquist Fee
February – oh, Brady
March – Jeff Mather’s Dispatches
April – Jeff Mather’s Dispatches (again!)
May – Arnold and Me
June – Dex and the City
July – With a Side of Insulin
August – Princess of Pavement
September – Rolling in the D
October – Four Days to Two D
November – We Cara Lot Blog

Best Advocacy

January – A Diabetic Ballerina
February – Tales of Rachel
March – Beta Buddies
April – Guest Post on Six Until Me
May – Diabetogenic
July – Texting My Pancreas
August – The Life of a Diabetic
September – Happy Medium
October – Rolling in the D
November – Type 1 Diabetes 365

Best Reference to a D-Celebrity

January – Bittersweet Diabetes
February – 1LittlePrick
March – Moments of Wonderful
April – 1LittlePrick (part 2 of February’s post)
June – Blue Heel Society
August – Pancreas On My Sleeve
September – Type 1 Trip

Best Story of a D Meet-up

February – A Diabetic Ballerina
March – Canadian D Gal
April – Every Day Every Hour Every Minute
May – Balancing Act
June – Everyday Ups and Downs
July – Bittersweet Diabetes
August – Everyday Highs and Lows
September – Joy Benchmarks
October – Six Until Me in Berlin
November – Simon from the 70s

Best non-D Related Post

January – Dorkabetic
February – Houston… We Have a Problem
March – Our Diabetic Life
April – oh, Brady
May – Ninjabetic
June – Joy Benchmarks
July – Nerdy April’s Space Adventures
August – Canadian D Gal
September – Strangely Diabetic and Scott Strumello
October – Bab’s Blog
November – Ninjabetic

Best Post by a Type 1

January – Diabetes Sunshine
February – Me and D
March – Abby at Six Until Me
April – Diabetically Yours
May – Abby at Six Until Me
June – Sweetly Voiced
July – La Osita Blog
August – Typical Type 1
September – Typical Type 1 (THE BABY!) and Blah Blah Bklyn
October – Fingerpricker
November – Celiabetes and Typical Type 1

Best Post by a Type 2

January – The Teal and the Blue
February – Sweet Success
April – Sweet Success (again!)
May – T Minus Two
June – Sweet Success
July – T Minus Two
August – The Teal and the Blue
September – Tales of Rachel
October – The Angry Type 2 Diabetic
November – RFamHere’s Ramblings

Best Post by a Type Awesome

January – Chronicles of D-Boy and Ribbon
February – Candy Hearts Blog
March – Cranky Pancreas
May – D Dad Speaks
June – A Sweet Grace
July – Life. As I Know It.
August – Candy Heart Blog
September – Raising Colorado
October – Our Diabetic Life
November – Insulin Resilience

Best Post by a LADA/ Type 1.5/ Not otherwise specified

January – A Day in the Life
February – Tales of SWAGing
April – Bab’s Blog
May – A Day in the Life
June – Bab’s Blog
July – Tales of SWAGing
August – Besties with Betes
November – 1LittlePrick

Best Story of a D-mistake

January – Not My Cell
February – Type 1 Teenager
March – Rolling in the D
April – Life after Dx
May – Diabetes Almighty
June – Our Diabetic Life
July – This is Caleb
August – D-Meanderings
September – inDpendence
October – My Diabetic Heart
November – Luvleamum and Trained By Insulin

Best Motivational Post

January – The Angry Type 2 Diabetic
February – Scott’s Diabetes
April – Texting My Pancreas
May – This is Caleb
June – Kayla’s Life Notes
July – Stick With It Sugar
August – Guest Post on Diabetes Mine
September – Despite Diabetes
October – Diabetes 24/7
November – Guest Post on Diabetes Mine

Best Diabetes Art

January – The We Cara Lot Blog
April – KD (and it’s not kraft dinner)
May – Moments of Wonderful
June – Arden’s Day
July – Bittersweet Diabetes
August – The Girl with the Portable Pancreas
September – Sweetly Voiced, Surface Fine, Texting My Pancreas, and My Sweet Bean and her Pod
October – Surface Fine
November – Candy Hearts Blog (Save Dr. Banting!)

#bestbetesblogsWhat a great list of posts! Thank you to Kim, Sue, Victoria, Jess, Briley, Scott E, Diabetes Mine, and Christina for hosting this year.

I am looking forward to reading more and finding many new bloggers in the new year. If you would like to host Best of the ‘Betes Blogs in 2013, send me an email!


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