Better and worse

I’m blaming in on germs from the plane (Diabetes Mine Innovation Summit and Thanksgiving with family), but I hear it’s also going around. Either way, I got hit hard with the upper respiratory virus last Tuesday night. I worked a half day Wednesday and hobbled my way through the rest of the week.

I gave myself an ambitious weekend to do list before I got sick, but could barely put two thoughts together once the weekend arrived so nothing really got done. Instead, the picture to the right is a good reflection of my weekend (other than the napping). By definition of the crazy cat lady, the only reason I left the house on Sunday was because I was out of cat food. Now that I’m starting to feel better, it is time to catch up on everything.

Late Sunday evening I noticed that the tape around my sensor looked the worse for wear. The sensor itself was still pretty accurate but the tape was making weird fold-y crinkly noises when I moved my arm. I knew I had to change it, or it would look (and sound) even worse in the morning. I also knew that the sensor accuracy would get a little worse before it got better, as it got adjusted and calibrated.

If you don’t have a CGM, you should know that the graphs (or at least MINE) don’t usually look like this. My fluid does not actually fluctuate that much or that quickly, especially when I’ve hadn’t eaten for several hours. This is a typical warm-up graph as everything gets adjusted and settled. I checked a bunch of times with my meter and was confident that things were headed in a better direction before I finally fell asleep.

When I woke up, it was definitely worse. Much worse.

P.S. It’s much, much better now. At last check it was within 10 points of my BG on my meter.


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