The Christmas Eve Eve Miracle

The past few days have been busy days running around town with my mom taking care of the last few Christmas preparations before we head out of town to go to my brother’s house. My Dexcom was acting up today – throwing question marks, widely inaccurate numbers, and even turning itself off and on by itself once. I was definitely past toward the end of a sensor life, so I didn’t think much about it. The beeping was annoying enough that I turned the sensor off this afternoon until I could put a new one in.

church - while the dexcom is dyingMy mom and I headed to church before our dinner plans. As I held my purse in my lap during the closing song, I felt the Dexcom vibrate. I pulled the receiver out to acknowledge the notification that it was ready for the two start-up BG values. I figured I would be checking my blood sugar right before dinner, so I would calibrate my sensor then.

After running a quick errand after the service, we arrived at the steakhouse about 10 minutes before closing (oops!). I pulled out my meter to check, and them my Dexcom to enter the value. My heart stopped when I saw an error message on the screen. The internet knows everything so I googled the error code. The results were not promising – “Dex failure,” “Death of my Dexcom,” “The Day the Dexcom Died“.

the dexcom died

I won’t be back in Florida with my back-up loaner receiver for over a week. I know I did years of diabetes without a CGM before, but it was making me anxious to consider trying to get through the holidays without wearing one now.

And that is where the beauty of this crazy diabetes community that we have built saved me! As my mom and I tried to enjoy our delicious dinner, I texted one friend who lives in the same area as my mom and another that lives in the same area where we are headed for Christmas. They both had back-up receivers that they were willing to loan me.

In less than an hour from the time I noticed the error message on the receiver I had a “new” loaner receiver already in the warm up period. Less than an hour!

Thank you so much George and Alexis! I owe you both big time!

P.S. As I put together the finishing touches of this post before heading to bed last night, the receiver beeped for the start-up values. Back in action even before bed!

Merry Christmas Eve to the best bunch of people with the worst bunch of pancreases!


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