News and big news

First, the giveaway news –
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Congrats Bigfoot Katy! Click on the envelope to the right to send me your mailing address.

Second, speaking of mailing address –

I guess I’m about to have a new one. I’m still getting used to talking (and writing) about it but after seven and a half years at my current job, I gave my two weeks’ notice on Friday. I’M MOVING!!!

If it’s quiet around here for the next few weeks it’s probably because I am trying to leave things organized at work, packing boxes, cleaning my apartment, or driving 2520 miles across the country.

And if all goes as planned, I will arrive at my new apartment just a day or two before my 10th diaversary and about a week before my birthday!

Not sure what else to say other than – EEK!


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