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I’ve written before about how much I love my numbers. I can’t draw much more than a stick figure, but my brain just “gets” math.

Ping and DiasendKerri wrote about it last week, and I wanted to echo my obsession love for what I believe is the best program to put the most amount of information together to manage and understand my diabetes – Diasend.

The CD to install the uploader came with my Animas Ping pump but once I have finished uploading, I simply log into a website to view it. This means a few important facts to me. First, I don’t have a printer at home and this allows me to print my data from anywhere. Second, MAC COMPATIBLE!!!!!

Diasend averages

Again, if you check out the list of compatible devices, you will understand why I think this program is the closest thing I have to getting all of my data together.

Another thing that is awesome (yeah, I said awesome) about Diasend is how it changes my endocrinology appointments. I used to have to hand off my pump to a nurse when I got to the office so they could download my data. No more! I upload everything the night before and they can print the reports they want and my pump never leaves my side.

DexCom DiasendBy entering a simple clinic ID, I allow my endocrinology practice to access my information at any point. If I am having a problem between appointments, they can just look up my account and see if they can make any sense of my numbers.

The clinic ID has one extra special benefit as well. DEXCOM DATA. I have finally retired the Windows laptop with the 15 minute start-up session (timed it!). Just plugging in the Dexcom USB cable allows the data to upload but the Clinic ID is what allows me to actually view the results.

Pump. Meter. CGM. Data. One location.

Diasend summary awesomeness

This week will be my first endocrinology appointment since learning this little trick from a birdie at a diabetes conference (in September). I’d say I can’t wait to hear what my endo thinks, but since she is on maternity leave, I guess I shouldn’t expect the substitute endo to share my nerdy data joy.

P.S. I was even able to resurrect the Christmas Eve Eve receiver failure long enough between error messages to retrieve its data.

P.P.S. It looks like people in other countries can even upload the iBGStar meter into Diasend. So far I can’t but that would be incredible since that is the only diabetes data missing from the current system based on my preferred diabetes technology combination.


  • I am another fan of Diasend. I could never get it to work with my Ping pump but love the fact that you can upload more than one meter and it combines the data together. Fanfreakingtastic! I wish I could upload the PDM, then I could totally get rid of my Windows laptop.

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