The gift that keeps on giving – giveaway style

If I learned one thing from Kim’s #GiveALLTheThings month of giveaways, it is the free stuff makes people feel good. I certainly didn’t learned HOW to actually win anything, but I guess that’s a different thing. I have been having a pretty rotten past few days, so I figured a giveaway would make me (and the winner) feel better.

I didn’t really have a long Christmas list this year but I did mention maybe wanting another Vera Bradley ID pouch for my Dexcom CGM. There was a lot of great stuff for me under the tree, but no pouch to be found.

Hypothetically, at the same time, someone in my family was given a gift by someone else in my family and they didn’t really think they had a use for it. They also didn’t really have a way to return the gift, but I did. Said gift return gave me a bit of store credit.

win this!Now I am sharing that store credit with one of you! A Vera Bradley ID pouch (and keychain) for me and one for one of you. The pattern pictured in this post is the pouch pattern available in the giveaway (Va Va Bloom on their website).

If you or someone you love has a Dexcom CGM you can follow this tutorial inspired by Jewels to make it fit the CGM receiver. If you don’t have the Dexcom, well then you (or someone you love) will have an awesome accessory for a night on the town.

To enter:

and this!Just leave a comment on this post with your favorite technique for making diabetes fit into your personal style – yes, even if you are a dude. Dudes have style.

The contest will close at 11:59 pm on Sunday, January 13th and I will use a random number generator to select a winner.

My blog has suddenly been getting caught in my work’s web filter and I heard others have been having the same problem so I want to make sure that everyone has a fair chance to enter.

Disclosure: Vera Bradley has no idea about this post and is in no way a sponsor of the giveaway. The unnamed relative who supplied the store credit might be a sponsor of the post – if he/she had any idea about it.


  • I keep diabetes stylish by carrying supplies in a fly fishing creel—that way Wes Anderson fans think I’m awesomely into Moonrise Kingdom, and that makes me feel like a stylish twelve year old loner.

  • My sweet girl (age 7) just received her Dexcom G4 last week and we are LOVING it:). She does NOT, however, love the very uncute black case that it came with! It hides the very cute pink of the receiver:(. We bought a cute sparkly pink belt with cupcakes on it for her to clip it to…and are thinking of dressing it up with stickers or something sparkly. This Vera Bradley pouch would be much better though!

  • those are too cute! I make diabetes fit into my personal style by ditching the black meter pouch asap… and typically use random cosmetic bags (right now I use a leopard one, but I have been known to let things just roll around in a purse pocket. I have also painted meters with glitter nail polish 🙂

  • Rocking the robot parts is a style in and of itself! My current style includes (rubbery) clothes for my meter and CGM. I change out the clothes to match the clothes I am wearing. After all, no one wants to wear the same outfit day after day after day after day….

  • I am actually TERRIBLE about making diabetes fit into my personal style….I keep wanting to get a cute bag to replace my boring D-bag (as I so kindly call it) and yet I’m a notorious cheapskate!

  • This is such a good idea that if we don’t win, I am rushing to my nearest Vera Bradley store because right now I am terrified that Ella will drop her new G4 receiver & break it. Ella just got a stylish new diabetes backpack from Justice – it’s the perfect size for a little kiddo & has sparkles & fun colors. Little sister, Livie, also got one so she could be cool, too. Here’s a link to the backpack:

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