Wonderful Moments of 2012

January – “It’s not my fault.”
February – “As I was packing for this trip and looking for a ride to the airport, quite a few people questioned why I would fly to Kansas in the middle of winter when I could enjoy the beautiful weather in South Florida.”
March – “Last Saturday was the Walk with Walgreens Family Fun Day and Health Fair across South Florida benefiting the Diabetes Research Institute.”
April – “Last week in LA, I left something behind. Didn’t know what to do, thought I’d lose my mind.”
May – “People with type 1 diabetes are often put in a place where they need to explain what it means to have type 1 diabetes.”
June – “What is the worst type of tone?”
July – “A little more than 24 hours ago, my friend Wendy posted this.” (with Friends for Life a close second)
August – “I was diagnosed with diabetes nine days before my 22nd birthday”
September – “I only met him for five minutes in a hotel room in Florida when I dropped off dinner for his family.”
October – “The world premiere of the Steel Magnolias remake finally aired last night.”
November – “Today is D-Blog Day.”
December – “What an amazing year in the diabetes online community.”

Baby Magpieall the 12s

The Bloggess and meIMG_2571

warm fuzzies wear glassesbay area buddies



its sugarbracelet collagerose and dexcom

Blue Friday

Here’s to an equally eventful and exciting 2013!


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